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Strategy and Corporate Development


I am responsible for our company's strategic initiatives including mergers and acquisitions, growth planning, and organizational change management. I support our Chief Growth Officer and am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Quick details

Energy source:

Learning style:

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My personality is a composite of many different attributes and qualities. I've moved the slider towards the word / phrase that represents how I see myself most accurately.

I focus on the process

I focus on the results

I like to win

I like to play

I solve problems

I discover problems

I am task-oriented

I am people-oriented

I am reserved

I am talkative

I win their hearts

I win their minds

I am easy-going

I am serious

I am analytical

I am creative

Core motivators

This is what motivates me at work.

I really enjoy working with potential acquisition partners - I like the impact that my work has on the organization's legacy as we grow to become one of the largest vertically-integrated firms in the United States.

Future goals

These are some of my career goals.

I would like to learn how to better navigate the legal world - I spend so much time with purchase agreements and technical documents that I need to grow faster here.

My ideal project...

My ideal mix of passion and productivity.

My ideal project would be starting a local business incubator. I am passionate about teaching, and love educating stakeholders about new projects as part of my change management role. Working with people who are excited about their ideas and helping them execute their plans is right up my alley!

My notes

Some things I want my teammates to know about me.

I am very involved with my local community's Girl Scout troop and help coordinate service projects. If you're interested in helping out, let me know! I'm also passionate about skiing and try to hit the slopes once a week in season.

Attribute tags

A few things that describe my personality.

Confident, Team Motivator, Prompt, Detail-Oriented

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