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Work better, together.

We put personality to work.

In businesses, non-profits, and other organizations of all shapes and sizes, projects and tasks are typically assigned based on roles and responsibilities set by a hierarchical model.

But we're asking the question: 

How can we better engage our people based on their passions and personalities? 

The Personaliteam profile consists of nineteen attributes selected to help you share your personality with your coworkers. 

19 attributes

1 personality

We've selected these attributes based on professional workplace and management theory research supported by highly-respected workplace consulting firms, change management organizations, and academic institutions.

But research-backed personality data is just that: data.

To take full advantage of the personaliteam profile, we strongly recommend that you take time to discuss your profile with your teammates and figure out how you can best bring your unique personalities to work. 

It's free!

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